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Unsanctioned/Unaffiliated Matches - What You Need To Know

Scrimmages, unsanctioned matches or unaffiliated games however you may call them many referees who are certified are often asked to officiate these types of matches.

These unaffiliated leagues vary from ethnic cultures that make our country diverse and you have the unaffiliated leagues that cater to corporate America…

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Videos of the Week:

Inside Video Review: MLS #12

Pro Referees

Ben Glass: Key Points for Young Referees

CR Referee

Q&A with Daniel Meeson - National Referee Development Manager

The Whistle Academy

Listening In on the Tough Calls a FIFA Referee Must Make

The New Yorker

2019 Positing Considerations Webinar

CNRA Development Group

2021-2022 Laws of the Game changes Webinar

Jan Ter Harmsel from Dutch Referee Blog will be hosting a webinar on July 31st at 10 am CET about the 2021-2022 Laws of the Game changes.

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Top News

FIFA publishes statement regarding alleged rule change proposal

CR Referee

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How Euros final referee Björn Kuipers makes more money than some soccer players

The New York Times

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20 years after he moved to Austin, this referee was at the center of soccer history at Q2 Stadium


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Referee Michelle O’Neill: ‘I feel the very same going out, representing Ireland in an Olympic Games’

The Irish Times

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Portland Timbers’ Anger At Possible Racist Taunt Is Understandable, But Referees Have Few Options


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Top Articles

Six Key Factors Assessors Focus On


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Shut Out Distractions and Focus


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Do You Seek The Approval of Club Officials, Players & Spectators?

The Third Team

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Optimal Crew Positioning on Free Kicks


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Staying cool in warm conditions

Officials Depot

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